Some Important Things For You To Know

We like to make working with us easy. So we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions on this area of our website. Simply select a topic from the list on the right side, read, and enjoy the experience.

Arrow RightDo you have an FTP site?

Yes we do! And we encourage you to use it. All you need is third party software such as Fetch or Cyberduck to manage your files. Once you have that software loaded on your computer you're ready to upload. Here is all the information you will need to get started.

  • Hostname: ftp.splatdpi.com
  • Username: splat
  • Password: printing

Once you have successfully logged onto the site, you're ready to upload your file. Here are a few things to remember:

  • We can take folders on the FTP site. However, if you have multiple files or support files, we suggest that you put them into a folder on your desktop, then Stuff or ZIP the folder and place that compressed file on the FTP site.
  • You will not be able to see any other files on the page. So don't be alarmed if you don't see anything.
  • Make sure to follow up with us via phone or email to make sure we have received your file and have all of the information about your project.
  • Feel free to call us if you have any questions at all when trying to upload your file.
  • We can always still take a disk. Give us a ring and we will send the courier!
Arrow RightWhat is your preferred file format?

We can handle just about any type of file to create an output. If you are asking what we prefer, here it is:

  • Native files. That would be the original file that the graphic was created in. Either Illustrator (.AI), InDesign (.IND) etc. This will allow us the most flexibility to color correct or ensure you get the best output possible.
  • Make sure to create your fonts to outlines. This guarantees there will be no font problems when we open your file.
  • CMYK. Since our output devices are CMYK, all your files should be CMYK.
  • All placed images should be CMYK as well and embedded. If they are linked please make sure to provide them. If you feel they might not be able to reproduce properly do to image size or quality, make sure to provide them to us even if they are embedded.
  • If you must save your file out as a PDF file, make sure your document size is proportionate to the file output size and no crop marks. The PDF file must be saved with editing capabiliteis in Illustrator with no error messages upon opening. Fonts to outlines please.
  • If you require a specific color to be matched, please spec the desired PMS color in your file using the Pantone Solid Coated color book.
Arrow RightIs UV printing Green?

Yes! Our new UV flatbed machine is environmentally friendly in many ways.

  • Once the ink dries there are no harmful VOC's. That means depending on the substrate you choose to print on, 100% of that product can be recycled!
  • With the ability of printing direct to substrate, we have many options available. From biodegradable vinyl to recycled paper, even cotton fabrics.
  • Our VariaDot technology with a low 6 picoliter droplet enables us to only use 4 colors. While most of our competitors still use 6 or 8 colors. So right there we are reducing our amount of ink and waste 35 - 50%. Which means less on the print and less in the environment.
  • Our UV inks need no ventilation compared to other UV systems. That translates into less pollutants in the air and less energy used by the facility on heat and air conditioning to compensate for the ventilation loss to the inside.
  • Our new machine consumes very little power. Only single phase 220V-20 Amp compared to others who require 2 and 3 times that amount.
Arrow RightCan I take a tour?

Sure you can. If you don't already know, we are located in Menomonee Valley. 41,000 square feet of brand new print shop. The additional square footage allows us to bring in the latest in print technology and take on larger run jobs. We would love to show you the facility and our current print technology. From large runs to small runs, fulfillment or coordination, we've got it covered. If you haven't met with us in awhile, or are a new client considering using us for your digital needs, we encourage you to stop on in and see us. Contact anyone of our qualified sales staff. We look forward to speaking with you.